About Us

We are a family owned, financially stable company with a clear orientation to research, development and license-to-market our developments, and centered in the use of highly-evolved scientific methodology to develop advanced products and solutions to every field of the industry we operate.

We currently have a multi-million portfolio of research and our total references catalogue is over 210.800 products actually and growing, with applications practically in every sector and filed in the industry. We proudly operate in 5 continents through our network of partners, research, industrial and commercial. We specialize also in hard-to-source molecules, compounds and developed products.

Our Core Values

In pursuit of our mission ND Pharma & Biotech Company is guided by our core values. These core values express our aspirations and the behaviors we want to exhibit and model. They shape the culture and character of ND Pharma & Biotech and inform all of our decisions and actions.


We are committed to high-quality results that make a positive impact in keeping with our mission.


We promote an environment that fosters empowerment, taking initiative and leading by example.


We value teamwork, knowledge sharing and working in partnership – internally and externally – to achieve common goals.


We recognize the dignity of each individual and value the contributions, opinions and expertise of all members of our organization and larger community.


We maintain the highest ethical standards and transparency in our work and in our dealings with our partners, stakeholders and our fellow employees.


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The ND Pharma & Biotech is a Registered Company Limited by Shares in England and Wales under The Companies Act 2006. Registered address 11 Church Road, Great Bookham, Surrey, England and Corporate Offices in London, England· Company Number 0827397 · Capital Stock 210.000.100 Shares of 1 GBP