ND Pharma & Biotech Co.· Compliance Commitment

ND Pharma & Biotech Co. is committed to the highest standards of corporate compliance and business integrity, and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations and industry codes in every country and territory where company is operating. Our commitment extends to all company interactions with investors and customers, including healthcare professionals, patients, healthcare organizations, and patient advocacy groups. 

All ND Pharma & Biotech and Company employees are expected to share in and contribute to ND Pharma & Biotech’s commitment to compliance by participating in training, and performing all tasks with integrity and in a manner consistent with ND Pharma & Biotech’s policies and procedures. Our compliance program incorporates elements in accordance with the Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers developed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, is consistent with the PhRma Code , and includes an Open Door Policy.

Reporting Potential Compliance Violations

If you see or suspect activity that is in violation of ND Pharma & Biotech’s commitment to compliance or its specific policies and procedures, please report it. Reports or complaints about potential compliance violations may be submitted through the following channel:

(i) our Compliance Email Box at compliance@ndpharmabiotech.com.

Or contacting our Chief Compliance Officer.

J. P. Rutherford


Ref: Compliance Violation Report.