NDP&B (ND Pharma & Biotech)

Overview & History

ND Pharma & Biotech, is a Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Alimentary and Global Chemical Company within the international market of products and services to the most diverse sectors and fields.

The Company is set to become one of the leading manufacturers / importers, designers, developers and distributors of the world, with different retail formats result of our constant quest for quality and our passion for innovation, both parameters that has led us to achieve record time series of unparalleled strategic alliances that allow us to place ourselves in the leading position respect to the number of references by area and catalog with over 200.000 references of active and unique products. setting apart the in a short period of time, we have developed the international network and the marketing of products and brands to our different biotechnological production lines have been developed and are among the most productive and profitable sector active.

Our special system implementation process, allowing time to respond to record a significant amount of innovation and technological challenges that society demands by operators in different sectors, companies.

So, we bond with our customers and partners in an effort to provide and serve the major producers in different sectors as well as small and medium entrepreneurs with their business and concern contribute to the advancement of the industry sharing their problems directly with us and allowing us to help them find solutions that make their products work more simple, natural, healthy, healthy and sustainable.

The uniqueness of our business model, based on innovation and flexibility, and achievements have transformed our company into an European and International sector reference. Our understanding of industry, science, technology and life, is summarized in a few lines of expression, creativity, design of products that include a clear commitment to the highest quality and a quick response to the demands of the industry, its needs and market-has resulted in fast international expansion and excellent response to our sales and technology that our company stands by its ideology.

The first seed of what is today the company was born from the merger of the innovative zeal of its founder and the needs of an industry with a business model obsolete, outdated processes, little modernization and innovation void, as the market, consumers and industry demanding for sustainability of such a radical change in approach and orientation. From the sea, the first source of life and to the sea, and incomprehensible constant inspiration, was born the seed of our company, where the confluence of the wild seas and the ocean is, solemn and austere with the powerful and immense Atlantic, resulting in England, the green paradise mystical place where the company started business and in which are located the headquarters in/for the UK and the World.


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