We are a biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, alimentary and global chemical company focused in the rapid development of novel small molecule drug to treat serious diseases for which there are limited treatment options. Our company translates all the experience within the medical, health and pharmaceutical sector jointly with the resources that such areas demand into the divisional operations related to Food, Nutrition, Agro and others with high impact on health, from a very unique perspective and innovative business model engagement.

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH was founded by experienced professionals with a long track record of working together successfully as a team in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and nutrition industries. The company was born to leverage the expertise to bridge the main industry gaps between early-stage development and product market launch.

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH blends a unique business model with an expert team to bring promising medical, health, nutrition, and other technologies from the lab bench to the patient bedside and the everyday situations that are part of our normal lives. Thru this approach, we are contributing extensively to the better health and condition of every human being that finally will have acces to a less-toxic/less potential harmful foodstuffs, drinks, or therapies, including some of the most advanced contributions of the last century to treat, solve and/or control a number of unmet health and life science needs, with a large market and huge existing demand.

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH is an European Biotech company centered in the development and commercialization of technologies and products within the most varied fields from therapy to food industry, with main emphasis in the use of  organic, natural and mineral products and the production of less toxic-less harmful products and solutions to the multiple problems arising in the actual industrialized world and the massive overuse of toxic chemical compounds that are putting in high risk our health and endangers our lives.

Due to the large size of our company, its divisions, subsidiaries and business lines, we have several Websites, Microsites and Pages with information designed to satisfy our customers, partners and associates. So within the next page you will find a number of links that will redirect you immediately to different, diverse and dynamic pages plenty of information and resources.

In other hand, you can browse the World Wide Web just entering within any search engine the name of the company “nd pharma & biotech” or alternatively ndpharmabiotech, and an important number of pages and hosting sites will be opened offering you a vast source of information about our company, products, patents, solutions, and developments, including some of the most amazing new categories of products to make your life and the life of your beloved ones, a little more better, as our mission prays.

So welcome again to our world!

The World of ND Pharma & Biotech.

Jess P. Harford

Executive VP of The Board.

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